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per person a night


dinner and breakfast

Two Private Room types

Single room/9.5㎡

Friends room/24㎡


The price is

without 10% tax.

We run a Japanese style guest house located in our beachfront home.


Accommodations are simple yet comfortable. We do not offer American Style beds.


Our rooms include futons and bedding for sleeping comfortably on the floor.



●Free Wi-Fi
●Air conditioning  

●Washing machine   ●Refrigerator 

●Thermos bottle

●Free Coffee & Tea   

●Shower towel

●Shampoo  ●Rinse

●Hair dryer

●There are bath rooms and shower rooms at outside of the rooms

Pick up service

just a 2 minutes drive

from Aka port


●We charge a 100% cancellation fee for cancellations on the day before and on the day due to guest's convenience.

●You can not use the other diving shops.

Okinawa remote island guesthouse style

We use seasonal fish

(Marlin, Tuna, Bonite, Squids, Octopus...) that we caught ourselves (two qualified fisherman) and glow in our fields and gardens.


Heartfelt hospitality with original Okinawa cuisine made with organic vegetables and herbs.

Our attitude is natural, simple and friendly.

This is a guesthouse on a remote island where you can enjoy meals and time together at a table with guests from overseas.

Please refrain from staying if you cannot eat fish. 

We cannot make vegetarian meals because the ingredients are limited on the remote island.

Fisherman's guesthouse
Nice view

Scuba Diving

Guided boat trip

for Experiences certified divers

Includes tanks and weights

per person a day

without tax

1 dive・7000JPY

2 dives・12000JPY

3 dives・17000JPY

Night dive 1 dive​・10000JPY

Guided boat trip for

Beginners (the first time)

Includes all gear

without tax

1 dive・12000JPY

Try Scuba Diving

Snorkeling Boat Trip


1-2 sites


includes life jacket

without tax

Dates will be determined on the day depending on wind, tide and the other conditions.

Reservations are not required.


Gear Rentals



Wet suit・1500JPY

Snorkeling set・1500JPY

Discount full rental・5000JPY

Flashlight for night diving・1500JPY

Life Jacket・300JPY

Per day

without 10% tax

Bikes/ half day・700JPY
Bikes/ full day・1000JPY


●We charge a 100% cancellation fee after departure of diving trips.


●If you are aged over 60, or have a significant medical condition, then

you will need to present a doctor's certificate on the day.

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