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Located 40km west of Okinawa main island

Kerama Islands National Park/Aka Island

Take the ferry from Naha Airport to Tomari Port

High-speed boat​Queen50 minutes, ferry 90 minutes

Welcome to Aka island!

​Staff introduction

We want to connect with sea lovers!​

We love the sea so much and will show you the charms of Kerama islands.

Kazu with yellowfin tuna

​Fishing staff


​Director of Zamami Village Fisheries Cooperative Association/Okinawa prefecture submersible fishing license obtained

Marlin, yellowfin tuna, dolphinfish, bonito, amberjack, spiny lobster, octopus, shellfish, etc.
A wide variety of fishing methods are used and the fish is shipped to Naha Tomari Fish Market or Kumamoto Fish Market.

Opened the first diving shop on Aka Island and has been a diving guide for 45 years.

​​​After the guide retired, he bought a fishing boat and started playing. An active light diving fisherman who continues to be fascinated by the sea, including fishing for yellowtail.
He is also a talented chef who cooks vegetables from the field and seasonal local fish for his guests.

Kazumaru is doing surfin

​Diving/Boat Tour Responsible


Full member of Zamami Village Fisheries Cooperative Association/Okinawa prefecture submersible fishing license obtained

NAUI instructor/hunting license acquisition (net hunting, trapping, hunting rifle)

He has been diving since the age of 3 and started playing drums at the age of 7, and is also active as a professional drummer.

Hobbies: Surfing/Gecko enthusiast

Recently, he passed the hunting license exam held by Zamami Village to eradicate the non-native Japanese wild boar in the Kerama Islands, and he might start cooking gibier in the near future!


​Guest house charge


32 years of living on Aka Island, 25 years of experience as a diving guide
My interesting are gardening, growing vegetables, herbs, and ornamental plants, and I am a yoga enthusiast.

​The only female angler on Aka Island who specializes in jigging​

Although there are some things that are not perfect in terms of service, we will provide you with heartfelt hospitality.
Nature lovers and those who want to soothe their souls, please enjoy this rustic island.
Please feel free to contact us♪


​In charge of free diving


​Labrador retriever 4 year old naughty boy who loves swimming and diving and girls

The sea turtles and their friends who live on the foreshore are always swimming, searching and playing.

Favorite snack is live tuna

As a “diving dog YouTuber”Nine's island channelupdated daily

He is a super dog ↓ Check out my brilliant diving here ↓

Subscribe to the channel!

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