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Boat Diving for certified diver

We offer 3 boat trips per day, 7 days a week in Summer.

All of the boat dives are guided tours led by our experienced and highly trained dive guides.
We keep the groups small, maximum of seven certified divers per guide.
If you don't have a dive buddy we will pair you with the guide.
We have high quality rental equipment from Scubapro for all certified divers diving from the boat.

We will debrief the dive when we get back to the shore and you will have a chance to discuss everything

that was seen on the dive and have a chance to ask your guide questions about the site, or any marine life.


The Morning Trip - 2 boat dives      Meets at 9 am - Back at around 12:30pm

This trip chaters to the experienced diver. This doesn't mean you have to be "expert diver",
but you should be comfortable in the water and diving from a boat.  
Often times the AM charters will do drift dives and can get to depths
of  5-20 maters and the second dive will be from 5-15 meters.
We choose the dive sites based on water quality and customer preference.

The sites chosen on the day will offer the best in terms of safety and passenger comfort.

The Afternoon Trip - 1 boat dive     Meets at 2 pm - Back at around 4 pm

This trip is designed for the non-certified diver, rusty diver, or the new diver.
The pace on this charter is a bit slower and the dive sites are more shallow.
Both afternoon dives are in the 3-10 meters.
For certified diver, we hope you enjoy and relax the third dive in a shallow water.


Boat diving for the beginner

This tour allows Non-Certified divers to experience the thrill of the underwater world with an instructor right there by your side.
Swim around for a while on the surface and get comfortable and now your ready for the shallow water.

You can join us for one tank on the morning boat trip or the afternoon boat trip. The maximum depth non-certified divers are allowed to dive is 3 meters and there are not more than 2 non-certified divers to 1 instructor.

阿嘉島・Kawai diving 
Kerama Shoto National Park/Aka island​
153 Aka Island, Zamami Village

Kawai diving


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