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Shore snorkeling

Front beach 0-min


Just infront of our guesthouse



Sunset Beach 2-min

ひずしビーチ 2分

The best snorkeling on the island!


Turtle Beach 10-min

まじゃビーチ 10分
You have a chance to see some sea turtles!



Main Beach 17-min

北浜(にしばま) 17分

This is the best popular beach
and beautiful white sand.



Island Hopping Snorkeling

We offer snorkeling boat trip in Summer. But we decide it depends on the sea condition on the day.

We will take you to the beautiful desert islands which takes about 10 to 20 min by boat.
You can land on a island to explore and adventure. You must be have a wonderful experience. Have lots of  fun!
You need to take only your bathing suit, you can rent snorkeling set when you need. We have wet suit available also for children.